for 77% of U.S. companies, employee training significantly reduced the number of cyber hacks and incidents.*

Our Information Security Training Program provides online employee training that delivers a full inventory of information security best practices as well as identifying malicious act techniques. This training helps build confidence with secure information management and increases awareness regarding intentional or accidental information security threats. The complete program includes seven training topics, final exam, and certificate of completion.


Training Details:

  • Completion time is about 2 hours.
  • This is not a timed training. You can start/stop at your convenience AND automatically return to where you left off. Coffee breaks are respected and appreciated.
  • You can access your program from different devices: desktops, laptops or tablets.
  • Browser accessible (most recent version): Google Chrome™, Windows® Internet Explorer®, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox®, Apple® Safari®, and Android Tablet.

    Final Exam (24 questions):

  • You can take the exam only after viewing all the training topics.
  • The exam must be completed in one sitting. No start/stop option available.
  • Passing is 75% or better.


*Blog, Hiscox. "Small Business Cyber Security: How to Prevent a Cyber Attack on a Budget."  Small Business Blog | Hiscox. N.p., 06 Feb. 2017. Web. 05 Apr. 2017.